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Are tablets useful for students?

HGSE Adjunct Lecturers Justin Reich and Tom Daccord decided to analyze whether the use of tablets in the classroom will be beneficialor, or contrariwise, will be an obstacle to education. And whether the new technology investment will be justified step? They proposed to estimate you would spend on the organization of the laboratory,if you got the money back, which spent in the 80s and 90s?

It is absolutely obvious that it is not enough to get the equipment. To apply high technologies, it is necessary to transform the methodology and ways of learning, and to develop a clear strategy, following which new technology will enrich the quality of education.

Reich and Daccord note that since both iPad was released, there was a splash in the use of tablets in schools, but unfortunately there was no splash of new techniques that are adapted tablets to the learning objectives. The tablets are mainly used for creating notes and finding information on the Internet. But in iPad classes takes place the best work towards the creation of new types of media that enable collaboration with colleagues and communicate with a wide range of like-minded people.

School leaders need to do some things before to make investments:
Work with their areas for a clear definition of improves instructions of new technologies.

Work with teachers to explain them the methods of new technologies.
To lead the teachers and the students from the consumer use methods to use tablets for the creative.

It is the best to get the integration of new technologies in those schools that have been created around a clear pedagogical view. It is more difficult to implement it in ordinary schools, but if you focus on it aim, all can be achieved.

The authors conducted two case studies about the effectiveness of using the tablet, in one case, to encourage reflection on the obvious facts, and in another - to support collaborative learning on a global scale. In this and in another case, students who used iPad, were able to create multimedia projects that cannot be created using other technologies.

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Returning to law School is not an easy decision. It’s like back to square one and starting afresh. There are some tips that help this return a bit comfortable and easy. I won’t explain some obvious of them like, you’ll be making new friends, starting from scratch with your organizational goals and actually attending the classes this year. The others that would turn out to be really helpful for you are as follows:


In my first year after returning to school, almost every second person told me to attend all the classes but believe me my experience has been altogether different! I received C for the subject in which I attended all of the lectures and A in the subject where I hardly attended any! The reason is, I was not an early bird and an early morning lecture was something like attending physically with everything transmitting over my head. I couldn’t grasp anything in terms of learning. In the other class, I watched the videos online and paused in between at instances to write notes. So, it is the effective learning that matters more not the attendance!


Through my experience, I acknowledged that nothing can enhance learning than an advance preparation of the class. This certainly doesn’t mean preparing summary notes and reading all the required readings but to have a brief knowledge of what the class would be all about. This helps to grasp the things easily and effectively.


There is a major difference in the time consumed in reading a case brief or the full judgment. Sometimes, reading a case brief can suffice the purpose as the concept is straight-forward or simply gives an authority but if the concept seem to be tricky and is likely to appear on an assignment or research, reading the full judgment is required to understand the concept better.


Your lecturer is the person who is going to set the question paper for your exams and sometimes even marks the exams as well. Listening carefully to his lectures for hints, personal opinions, interests and viewpoints certainly helps. No doubt, your exams are based on your textbook, but tuning in to the wavelength of the lectures can help the law essay writers to a great extent.


Many people advocate the importance of study groups but to be honest, this never worked for me. It is true that the study groups help people to share ideas, help and encourage each other but this holds true only if you have a group of students that meet for the very specific purpose of study. The purpose of forming study groups defeat when people start wasting time chit-chatting.


If you feel someone is pulling you down or have been detrimental to you, stand up for yourself. Know when to extend a helping hand or step in to other’s matters or step out. Remember, you can study your best only when you are happy, healthy and positive. Lastly, the most important tip is Do what works best for you!!!